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    Best Ridge-line Type For Dyneema Tarp

    Quote Originally Posted by FLTurtle View Post
    I periodically retie my prussiks on my Dutch CRL, otherwise they tend to jam up pretty good at the worst times. If you're not opposed to hardware I think I saw some posts using nama claws in lieu of the prussiks.
    I use 2.2 Zingit for both tarp ridgeline and 6 wrap prusik. Also there is a 2.2 Zingit pull loop built into prusik.
    Pull loop is laid on tarp ridgeline with one edge of circle touching tarp ridgeline. Then prusik is tied around both pull loop and ridgeline.

    I actually tie 5 wraps but it looks like 6 wraps.
    It holds real good.

    The pull loop usually pulls prusik easily to new spots on ridgeline. If needed to loosen, I bump the middle bight of prusik with my thumb. Then I push those two strands that were under to bight back up into the hitch, and then I squeeze the hitch, pinching it with my thumb and finger. This distributes the looseness throughout the hitch.

    But usually I don’t have to loosen prusik, the pull loop does it’s job.

    I did not invent pull loop, but I show it in some videos. I think one of those videos is called Using A Pull Loop David Hughes

    Due to a snafu, I have two YouTube channels

    Easy to find
    Phantom Grapplers recommended ties part 1 and part 2 David Hughes many videos on that channel

    Using a pull loop David Hughes
    Also other videos there too

    One of these days I’ll contact YouTube and get my two channels combined into one channel

    Ordinarily, I never ask anyone to subscribe, but it might be best to subscribe to both my channels to keep from losing track of my videos—that are mostly about camping knots and hammock and tarp suspensions.

    Nama Claws are the bomb! I got to meet inventor of Nama Claws at Medoc Mountain Hang a few years ago. I think his trail name is CountryBois. Good people. And those Nama Claws hold and adjust great. Check with them to make sure you are using the recommended size tarp line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twistytee View Post
    I use CRLs too for the same reason, although I did have a hell of a time this winter with my hands being so cold in the Smokies that I could not get the prusiks to release from the main line. Both were made from a version of Dyneema. Any suggestions for this scenario(cold/wet/snowy)?
    I've used Lawson 2mm Glowire/Guywire with a 3-wrap Prusik for about 4 years now in all weather with no problems. Shown in pic is Guywire. I have one tarp, 11' HG Hex, that I've used a bunch and it still has the original Prusiks and they're still in great shape. Never budged a micron even in the heaviest wind but easy to slide when you're ready.. The issue with UHMWPE cordage is that you've gotta cinch it down really hard to get grip, and it's subsequently harder to release. However, Phantom's description is spot-on for proper technique in that instance.

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