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    It's February, so for Valentine's I went to...Dutch, and...Hammock Gear, and...Jared, and...

    In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought I would share some love for several of the vendors here on the forum. I have recently picked up a number of items from several folks and am excited to show off their great products!

    Third, I went to JARED. Hmmm... maybe I could write a jingle about that.

    Where to begin with this one...

    I got a 12 ft. Trail Lair made from Hexon Wide 1.6 in Dark Olive with black inner layer, #5YKK zippers, UQ hooks, Cinch buckle suspension (replaced with daisy chain, using cinch belts on a different hammock), fixed Amsteel ridgeline, removable continuous loops, knee and shoulder tie outs. It is a glorious piece of gear, and HUGE! With the wide material, I can get crazy on the diagonal. It is super comfortable and I really love the high bugnet. Great views and easily removable. The pad slot is outside the zipper, so you can adjust, insert, or remove pads with it zippered up. Kind of unusual. My other DLs always had the slot inside. Can't wait to get it out for a field test! Will add more photos from the field.

    I have more gear coming, and I will add more soon.

    Best to you!


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    Thatís the same hammock that I use. Same color but mine is a hyper d xl. Super large super comfy and well made hammock. I will only use Jaredís trail lair. Been through them all.

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