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Thread: No more Raven?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CLSR--000 View Post
    Just chiming in on the darien in 1.2 mtn I have one as well bought it used and use it myself on backpacking trips with zero issues.
    I doubt the issue would be with the fabric...I have 1.2MTN in my last bridge build, and after many hangs there are also no issues with it; bridges are significantly higher stress and my pattern is...well...hardly the most refined. Kudos to Randy et al for taking the precaution and making sure rather than live testing their fabrics with real customers.

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    Ongoing experiment
    My first foray into GEs was a DH Raven. The Raven was very nice. But when I picked up a Sparrow it was superb and definitely a notch above. So the Raven went to a new home. I've had several top models of GEs since then. All but two of them have found new homes. The Sparrow remains and gets the most use of any of the GE hammocks. Both the Raven and Sparrow were DL Hex2.2.

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