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    Random quilt thoughts

    First off, a big thanks to all the members on here for the wealth of knowledge shared.
    In just 2-3 short years Iíve gone from owning zero down quilts to owning between under and top quilts, a total of 7.

    4 JRBís
    Mw 3
    mw 4
    Hudson River 20
    Shenandoah 40

    1 Hammock gear 0* burrow

    2 zenbivy lights
    I definitely have some redundancy and will probably thin the herd at some point but nay even add a JRB old rag.
    I know zenbivy doesnít get much love on here but I will say, when I do ground sleep, nothing else compares. It truly is a wonderful setup when paired with a LW Xtherm on the ground. The quality is quite good and when on sale is a great buy.
    The hammock gear 0* burrow is one of my newest and I must say probably the most impressive build quality of the quilts I own. I opted for 2 ozís overstuff and a sewn foot box. I got the long and wide and while maybe Iíll appreciate the size of it (havenít used it yet) I just donít know. Itís a whole lot of fabric in the hammock. If it turns out too bigÖ thatís on me. It really is soooo well built though and their prices are fantastic! Definitely the most bang for buck it seems.
    The JRBís are what did surprise me the most however. The underquilts have fit everything Iíve put them on. They fit fantastic on both the ridge runner and the towns end hammocks.
    I initially dismissed their multi use style quilts thinking they were not wide enough. Also wasnít sure about the horizontal baffles on a top quilt. I did know I absolutely love the horizontal baffles on their underquilt and think it just makes sense. It also seemed that for the money, hammock gear consistently had several more ozís of down for comparable temp ratings. I finally recently bought a Shenandoah for my warmest weather option and was so blown away with how it felt in the hammock. Also loved how, like their underquilt, you could shake the quilt in such a fashion to heavily load the centerÖ where you want it. Iím now , completely sold on the horizontal baffles for the top quilts as well. I liked the Shenandoah so much I purchased the Hudson River. I really do like the narrower width of these and itís because of this that Iím questioning my purchase of the long and wide burrow.
    I guess the point of all this rambling is just to say itís nice to have all these options and and even look forward to trying more from some of the best cottage vendors who participate in one of the best online communities!
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