I have been using my BMBH for over 7 years now and with the pad in the pocket, I just do not think you can beat the flat lay and the comfort of sleeping all through the night without anything being sore when you wake up. But, I have been on a quest to lighten the load and have made the move to whoopie slings and the ultra lite web that Dutch sells for attachment to the BMBH. That helped a lot. I still have the metal rings in the four corners and have contemplated changing them out, but to date, have not broke out the bolt cutters.

I use a dynema tarp, so the last thing is the spreader bars. If I could eliminate them, then this would be another .55 pounds out of my pack. So I went on a mission to try and make some trekking poles with a section of it, 32" with the notch. See the pictures and you will get the idea. This is a prototype using electrical conduit as my experimental 32" spreader bar. Took an old set of cheap trekking poles and cut them off to make the joint to the conduit. See pictures below. PS: weight of my carbon poles is 280 grams each. This prototype is 560 grams. Not sure if the fatigue of swinging these heavier poles will be worth it. I would value any input on weight of trekking poles and overall performance versus lightening your pack load. Base weight on my pack with the stock spreader bars from JRB is 14.44 lbs. Without - 13.889 lbs.