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    Canadian rockies camping guides

    Hey there, I will probably hit Canada by September , to meet my family over there . Was planning to do a backpacking with them and do camping at the Canadian . We planned the same the last time around but didn't happen , courtesy COVID .. lol . Will be great if someone suggest me a professional canadian camping guides or aid , I did an online search and found this camping guides, I read they are quite professional, and they are good at what they do. has anyone heard of them?
    If you can suggest better option , that will be great. Also will be great to know the overview of the tour in advance , safety gear required plus the booking / cancellation policy ?
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    In any event, contact some locals to get feedback. You will have a great time.

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    Even the simplest dishes taste better when cooked over an open fire. Campfire steaks are an unforgettable gastronomic experience. And to cook them, it is not necessary to go camping or fishing - many people do not miss the opportunity for such culinary experiments on their property. The main thing is to arrange the site for the fire to avoid fires properly. I often use for cooking. It's versatile and suitable for many dishes.
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    Hi John assuming this is still active for you- depending on what experience you are looking for most trails don't require a guide and I unfortunately cannot provide any assistance on that topic however there are some you tube content that may be of help.
    Banff and Jasper each have their own personality too so to speak you want to explore the townsites
    Sorry can’t offer more specific help- the prairie / western forum is pretty quiet for a reason with many areas void of suitable trees for hammocking.

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