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    Quote Originally Posted by slowhike View Post
    Thanks for the info each of you.
    I have ordered some of the cord locks linked below.

    They can be sewn onto the hammocks side edges, two on each side.
    I plan to sew a short piece of shock cord to the UQ edges to match.
    Simply run the shock cord attached to the UQ through the cord locks and the UQ can be adjusted, snug or loose.

    I have not had to much issue with the UQ but occasionally when it's cold, I have to pull it up on one side or the other.
    I'd go with pack hooks...

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    When I lay in the hammock my legs are on the left side. Because I lay at a pretty good angle, the underquilt does not make good contact with my right leg and my right leg gets cold. I connect a shock cord from the ridgeline to my underquilt nearest my right leg. This pulls the quilt into contact with my right leg and I stay warm.

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