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    Quote Originally Posted by SeekSolitude View Post
    I take it you have been there. Two to three weeks is what I was planning on.
    I've been doing trips with a close group of friends for many, many years. Primarily Quetico. The Woodland Caribou trip was about 15 years ago. 10 days maybe. Too short. I don't remember a lot of the details other than some long portages and a limited choice of routes. No caribou seen. I guess they're primarily in the northern part.

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    Check out the WTS/WTB Forums on here. I find there's usually someone with something that fits what I need that's much quicker than waiting for it custom.

    Also checkout Reddit. The forums r/geartrade and r/ulgeartrade are great and safe.

    Make sure you're using PayPal Goods & Services when buying used from the Forums. Saves a lot of grief for only a few bucks.

    Good luck!

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