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    This double pole mod would be perfect! Can you please give the specifics of pole size and placement? Your job looks great!

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    Here are details on my pole mod - all ideas copied from other more creative HF Members!

    The poles are Easton Nanolite .344" I got from eBay - but you can buy individual components from Quest Outfitters.

    I also used a 145* arch piece in the center, from Quest Outfitters."

    Don't forget to order some shock cord! I just used what came with my eBay poles, so don't remember how much I needed.

    The "arch" piece, if you use it, will dictate how many of each type of pole you will need, as the arch has an "insert" on both ends. Look closely at the pic of the arch on Quest's page and you will see what I mean.

    I didn't want to sew anything directly to the tarp (I wasn't sure if it would work or if I would be happy with the results) so I did something similar to this:!

    I made 4 of those pockets and tied them to the four grommets on the Chinook with some paracord as a way to secure the poles.

    I believe the only real modification to the tarp was to add another tie in point along the ridgeline on the underside of the tarp. If I remember correctly there is one in place already which lines up with one set of the grommets, and I added another to match.

    Hopefully that all makes sense - basically the pockets are tied to the grommets on the edges of the tarp. The ends of the poles slip into the pockets and the center of the poles is secured to the inside of the tarp ridgeline with a little ribbon to prevent it from moving forwards/backwards.

    The length of the poles and number of sections, etc.. that you will need will depend on the size of your 'pockets' and the amount of cordage that you use to secure them to the tarp.

    I pieced together the sections of poles that I had to get close - then slowly trimmed done one to size.

    My pole sections are 13" long, not including the insert that slides into the adjoining pole.

    So my poles are approx 112" long (56" per side, including the 1" from the arch).

    So for one pole, I have

    13" section w/ insert and tie off "end tip"         TIP========--- 
    13" section w/ insert                                  ========--- 
    13" section w/ insert                                  ========---
    13" section w/ insert                                  ========---
    3" section w/o insert                                  ===
    145* arch w/ insert on both sides                      --^--  
    3" section w/o insert                                  ===
    13" section w/ insert                                  ---========
    13" section w/ insert                                  ---======== 
    13" section w/ insert                                  ---========
    13" section w/ insert and tie off "end tip"            ---========TIP
    Note that the 3" section w/o insert is what I ended up with after trimming down to fit my tarp pockets.

    Hope that helps - let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Chinook 12x9'6
    Lowest prices I've found on Chinook Tarps is at ManVentureOutpost, aka MVO. Only issue with Chinook tarps at any vendor is they get a bunch in, then they are out of stock for a while. To me, $37.17 for the 12'x9'6" at MVO, is a whole lot better than $58.50 at Amazon, even if I did have to wait a couple weeks for it to be in stock.

    They say you can get 5% off your order at MVO by entering either "FallManVenture" or "SRP2012" as a coupon code.
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