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    TEST: Nemo Tensor Insulated air pad with Zenbivy in bridge hammock

    Giving my sons Nemo Tensor insulated air pad a try again for the first time in a while. (long/wide, 3.5 R-Value estimated good to 17F) Also the first time using it with my Zenbivy Light Bed (large, 25 EN limit, 35 comfort).

    Ive used the Nemo with various different top insulation down to 25 and still felt it could go lower.

    Ive used the Zenbivy with my Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm (5.7 R-Value rated to -40) down to 16 comfortably, and the XTherm with different insulation to -10.

    Its only supposed to get down to 35 tonight with little wind, so not much of a test. But I am interested to see if theres a difference in performance of the Zenbivy with the 3.5 Nemo vs. the 5.7 XTherm.

    Theres a 35-40% chance of rain from 7am-9am, so I had to set up a tarp. I decided to try pitching it higher than I ever have so I dont have to bend over going in and out. The ridgeline is set at around 6.5 feet. Im 59.

    Hammock: REI Quarter Dome Air (discontinued)

    Tarp: REI (came with the hammock)

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    How did it go?

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