Watch the shug videa. An I want to say, Marty was a southern Gentleman, and I really have a deep respect for him. His stuff ruled. His hammocks are just like any other gathered end except for one thing. He bundles the ends together in a wrap or whip making his hammock similar in length to the warbonnet black bird. I personally like the lay in these better than my others which are about three or four inches longer, they have a deeper drope and is more comfortable for ME. but that black bird has that footbox, which I feel helps the calf thing.
I bought two lite owls from Marty one regular, one wide. The wide nite owl is maybe the most comfortable hammock ever made IMWO In my wifes opinion. And it is surely a bad boy. Once you figure the calf ridge thing, once you know how to de-create it once it is created, you'll be fine no matter which hammock youre in, watch old shug's videa and you'll kick its gathered butt.