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    Help, My city is trying to ban hammocks in the city parks.


    I am a new member, and long time reader of the forums.

    I have recently learned that the City of Winter Park-, FL - Parks and Recreation Department is working on banning hammocks in their parks. Does anyone have any advice on how we can prevent this regulation? I am a responsible hanger with straps, outdoor enthusiast, and a paying citizen of the town. I am ok with requiring tree straps but I'm not in favor of banning all hammocks. I have been in touch with them, and I'm trying to prevent the new regulation to ban hammocks. Please let me know if anyone else wants to organize to prevent this over-reaching regulation.

    Please advise!


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    Unfortunately, for every one responsible hanger, there are probably 5 irresponsible hangers who don't take the proper precautions, and use gear that may damage trees. Education is the best policy, in terms of preserving our hobby of hammock hanging. But in the end, many of these recreation departments find it much easier to implement an outright ban- rather than trying to "police" everyone to make sure they are hanging their hammocks properly. I'm not saying that you shouldn't say something; but it is going to be very difficult- if not impossible, to change their minds.

    What you can suggest is that they offer an alternative solution- if they are going to ban folks from using park trees to hang hammocks. There are many parks that have installed dedicated poles for hanging hammocks. Something like this is a good compromise to allow the time-honored tradition of relaxing in a hammock, while preserving the trees.

    Another angle you can take is that relaxing in a hammock offers stress relief and mental detoxification, and is something that can be quite therapeutic for folks- particularly in our current times with the added stress of Covid.

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    Duplicate thread...closing this one. See this other one they posted.
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