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    Can any of the more long term Silpoly users let me know how your tarps have held up over the years? maybe some tips or things to avoid? I did a bunch of reading before I bought mine but can't find any new threads that talk about the longevity of silpoly in comparison to nylon. I would like to know things like how well it's maintained it's water proofing, wear, etc. I read a lot about less stretch and that it's hydrophobic and more UV resistant but like I said most of the threads are older so not a lot was known about how they hold up to long term use. I keep seeing that it's slightly weaker than nylon but how much weaker? and nobody seems to mention that nylon is always weaker when wet (~15% for rope).

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    I have a 1.1 PU4000 silpoly tarp that I made in March of '17. Still as waterproof as the day I made it and seems bulletproof to me.

    At one point when I was testing different hardware for the tie-outs, all but one let loose and the tarp was left flapping in the wind from that single point for some time. Other than some degradation to the coating at that corner, it survived with no damage. I call BS to those who say it is less durable.

    I've recently started using a DCF tarp, but the PU4000 is still my favorite tarp material. I'll never go back to silnylon for sure. Maybe once I use the DCF for some time, it will gain my confidence too. Time will tell.

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