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    Not looking to hi jack the thread but, if anyone is interested I can host a hang this weekend in Winchester where I was going to have my spring hang (cancelled it due to crappy weather). Would keep it to a place where we have enough room to spread out and no indoors issues.
    The woods in Winchester technically have a Larsen 54947 Address. It is land owned by the church my parent are part off, water will be available but there are no facilities so it would be cat hole time, or bring a bucket, or kwik trip is a mile away. We are allowed to process down or dead trees, so chainsaws are okay to use.
    So the area that I think would be good is about a 20 minute walk in, vehicles can be driven back closer to drop stuff off but we need to park the vehicles in the parking lot (small community so I doubt there will be any issues with break ins and such) the path is to over grown to get a vehicle all the way back without getting it scrapped up. Also no cost to anyone

    and Janette no worries we would get your stuff in, cause we know you have the bum shoulder
    Or I can see what else I can find between the lakes
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    I would be interested and I live not to far from the area.

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    Good call on cancelling, Tumbleweed. Sad news, but the right decision. We will see each other another time. Stay safe everyone, and have a great holiday season.

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