Lately I've been looking forward to the weekends just so I can have another go at setting up the hammock stands and hanging my Chameleon and the Xexon Hex tarp. I call it practice. Last night was another fantastic nights sleep. In the early morning hours the Xexon Hex tarp got its first real test. Great lightning and thunder storm rolled through at O dark thirty with a bunch of rain, I fell right back to sleep. It was still raining and everything was nice and dry when I woke up about 3 hours later than I usually wake up. I'd have to say that's a real testament to just how comfortable the Chameleon is and makes me really get anxious to use it in the woods this fall when life might slow down.
I bought the Chameleon Wide Complete Package. That seemed to make sense to me since I got a more appropriately sized hammock for me, a much better tarp than I already had plus the straps, hardware and line. I just added my own stakes.
Dutch's Ridgeline Party Lights are a really nice addition for at least the back yard. I'll probably take them backpacking and I'd definitely take them car camping. They'd ruin your night vision if you turned them on whenever one gets up but I just use them while getting ready for bed.
I'm very happy with this set up and would recommend it.
Sure beats laying on the ground.