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    Getting comfortable in a Vertex

    I love sleeping in gathered end hammocks, but I struggle to find that sweet spot in my Clark Vertex. I'm sure there must be something I'm missing when I set it up, as I am only 5'4" and 145 lbs, so I'm not too big for the hammock. I just can't seem to find a good "flat" diagonal lay. I wake up multiple times during the night with my knees aching because they are over-extended on the curving fabric. I don't have this issue in my other gathered end hammocks. Of course my gathered end hammocks are both longer and wider than the Vertex.

    Does anyone have tricks to getting a good night's sleep in the Clark Vertex? My family loves it for car camping. It's luxurious and bomb - proof. I'm the only one struggling.

    As a side note/question, has anyone successfully added a ridgeline to their Vertex? I figured I would permanently ruin my Vertex if I attempted to disassemble it in order to add a ridgeline.

    Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions.

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