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    Almost condensation time! Got any personal tricks that work

    I am a side sleeper and a mover so the "Frost Bib" is not possible for me. If its not supposed to snow I sleep without a tarp, but when it is going to snow how do you all keep the condensation from snowing inside your tarp?

    I had someone tell me they scotch guard their tarp on the inside to stop it...... not sure if I believe them or not!
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    The trick with condensation is air flow - ventilation (also vaper barriers). It’s a delicate balance - allowing just enough airflow to keep condensation at bay while not letting that airflow rob too much heat. It’s just the challenge of the beast. I use a full sock - yes, it is essentially a suspended single wall tent. So I have the zipper open right near my face.

    Most winter tarps (4 season) are outfitted with doors. They help with heat retention. If you have a bugnet, the bug net may let the vaper pass and condense on the inside of your tarp - just part of the game. But the netting will keep the “snow” from all falling inside the hammock.

    In winter, be sure to check not only for the usual widow makers, but also accumulated large clumps of snow on healthy branches - just waiting to pounce from above onto your tarp. In winter, I consider running the ridge line under the tarp for additional support should a heavy snow fall.

    If you are not using your tarp for heat retention - only using it to keep snow off - then you can rig it high, both at the crown and edges. That will give you a “roof” and maximun air flow to minimize condensation build up.
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