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The army issued wearable sleeping bags during the Korean War.
Yep! The idea has been around for thousands of years, probably.

Aztecs were wearing them in 1519 when Cortez arrived.

Early Aztec serapes

In 1519, when Hernán Cortés arrived in Mexico, the Aztecs were wearing blanket garments made from a mixture of cotton and agave cactus fibers, and dyed using organic materials, such as crushed fruits and insects. The Aztecs believed that wearing bright colors would bring favors from the gods, while warding off any evil spirits. The intricate patterns and designs were originally used to identify one’s family or social status, as well as which hometown or region the wearer originated from. Serapes were originally worn by men, while women would wear similar woven blanket-like garments called rebozos or huipiles.