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Thread: UP insulation!

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    UP insulation!

    Question. Does this hold up to being wet like synthetic would? I back pack with my dogs and there is little to no option for a pack-able quilt for dogs, especially when they are large dogs. And they always seem to get things wet or damp. I understand that the material would probably not hold up to dogs toenails, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

    And please do not tell me that Ruffwear will take care of my needs, because I have their stuff and my dogs are to big for it!
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    Here are some videos from CRO - Cedar Ridge Outdoors about UP insulation. I place my order last week for 2 quilts top and under both made from UP insulation due to living in Florida. I have talked to CRO at the last 2 Hangcon events and they have sold me on UP.

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    "Does this hold up to being wet like synthetic would?"

    It, in fact, is synthetic. So yes.

    Please know that I have not used it but I do trust Dutch's endorsement, and that of a few others who use it.

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    I tried it in an insulated hammock, and it does what I wanted. That is, it's synthetic, like Primaloft, so it works better than down when damp, and it's a loose fill that expands to fill the space better than a mat type insulation like Primaloft or Climashield. I don't know if it's more or less compressible than other synthetics, but I suspect it compresses as well or better. I'd use it in an insulated dog hammock where it can fully expand.
    I couldn't find the CRO videos on their site, but Dutch gives you a look at it here.
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    I was able to locate the CRO videos along with a couple of HF threads. Links below:

    Down and UP Synthetic Insulation Comparison
    UP Synthetic Compression Comparison
    UP Synthetic Insulation VS Down: A Fight to the Death
    Water with down, DownTEK, and UP insulation

    As you'd expect, the UP does well in the with the water test. Where I was suprised was the compression test. The UP insulation did better than I anticapated. I think this is a great option for a newbie looking to prototype designs, aka me, before moving to a more expensive goose down for the final product.

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