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    Looking for suggestions on places I can go hang a hammock for a weekend or so in Deep East Texas. I'm going to be spending some time with family now that classes are done, and I'l love to get some hang time in.

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    Lots of state and national forest. There is the Lone Star Trail, down in the Sam Houston national forest. NW of Houston. There are lots of Texas State parks in east Texas. One of my favorites is Tyler State Park in Tyler Texas. Be aware that currently, you have to have reservations to even get in some of the parks. They are controlling access. But I think on the Sam Houston, you can drive to a trail head and park and hike in. Be aware in Texas, it will be HOT and very humid! Plan also to bring lots of water. The Lone Star Trail, lots of people cache water along it when they are hiking, avoiding the ponds (old logging ponds).
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