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    Wow, look what I found from the old days: twin photos? WB Yeti/HHSS

    I opened HF this morning and the usual random pictures popped up, and I see one that looks like one I have posted a few times. Turns out it is not that picture, however it IS a picture related to a post from one of my old HHSS threads from 2011!

    Here is what I thought it was at first: Cannibal had tested the original prototype of the WB Climashield Yeti ( I still have mine!) on Christmas about 07 or 08 I think. No tarp(net only) and single digits and a bunch of snow. He was fine and sleeping warm and soundly when his dad took this picture, which is the first picture shown below. He was using his Dad's 20 year old synthetic bag as a TQ, if memory serves.

    It took me a while to track down where this other picture came from, which I at first thought was Cannibal's pic. Turns out it was related to a post made in one of my old threads from Feb 2011, this one, asking how folks were doing with their HHSSs:
    Quote Originally Posted by chattalotchuck View Post
    i have used this set-up [uc oc pad vb] a bunch of nights [14] from a windy 15 degrees w/c 4 on 1/8/11 and 9 inches of snow the next night although it was alot warmer in the yard and by the way i have hanging spots for guests, the Florida hang mid 20's. and the last 2 weekends up in cherokee and nantahala forests with temps in the 30s to upper 40s. the concept is on in the right conditions. if it snows or rains vent the oc or bring a towel it gets wet and hennessy said cold dry conditions. im thin and get cold quick so i use the pad and vb into the forties but if it drops near freezing or below i use a diy felt pad and reflective pad, real good sleeping. im new at this stuff and trying to work everything out. i wanted some flexibility during the learning curve and the hennessy gives me that. i think the pad should be wider and longer but it does work. the florida hang helped me so much equipment- equipment-equipment. hope to make the alabama and n georgia hangs. i remove the pad and the rest fits into the skins easy. it would have been nice to pay 99. i will upgrade my cheapo zero degree bag and my diy pads they are to big for my traveling style. beep beep
    So, here is the older(even older than 2011) picture of the Climashield Yeti being used in single digits and a bunch of snow:

    Here is the picture of the HHSS being used at 16F with 4F wind chill and a bunch of snow. Maybe it's just me, but at first glance I thought I was looking at the first picture when I saw the 2nd. I guess the small HH tarp sort of looks like no tarp at all similar to the first pic, plus the brown wood fence and all the snow. Unlike the first pic from 07 or so, I have no memory of this picture from 2011:

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    So picture 1 no tarp and picture a very tiny tarp? I barely remember those days of how tiny could you go.

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    Ongoing experiment
    Check that out. It actually snows in MS, more than once. Guess I learn something new everyday.

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