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    z liner

    Does anyone have any experience with Z liners. I understand that they attach to the velcro in the pockets and wanted to confirm that they wrap around enough to keep your shoulders warm.

    It seems like a simpler solution to attaching an UQ.

    Can you still add gear below the liners?


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    I have the NX-250 and z-liner. The z-liner has a foot section that is attached around by velcro around the foot section of the hammock. It a bit tricky to get the foot section lined up correctly and I have found that a have to keep checking to make sure that small parts of the foot section haven't come undone which results in cold feet. The other part of the z-liner is a series of panels that are sized to fit in each pocket using the velcro in the pockets. They are large enough to cover the shoulders.

    I'm not terribly thrilled with the z-liner. Pretty bulky, doesn't compress that well, and I don't find it to be as warm as I would like.

    Something to think about....I recently tried a Speer Snug-Fit with the velcro. It attaches perfectly to the velcro of the clark. It seems to be quite a bit warmer than the z-liner.

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    Hello scbron:

    The Z-Liner was pretty well reviewed/discussed at this link on HF.

    I bought one of the first Z-Liners for my RX-250... tried it out on many trips; on one occasion the overnight low temperature was 14 degrees. The Z-Liner did its job pretty well. But, I agree that the Z-Liner is bulky and IMHO falls short as compared to the warmth of a down under quilt at close to equal weight.

    Having said that, I think that the Z-Liner is incredibly well constructed, and for those that desire a product containing synthetic insulation which is custom fit for the CJH; the Z-Liner could be a great choice.

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