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    Quote Originally Posted by rnelson989 View Post
    Thank you all very much!

    I was concerned with the logic of a 20 degree UQ in such warm temps but, I guess I can always adjust my suspension and vent as needed. Was briefly thinking of getting a Phoenix 40 degree UQ to save on the weight but I think I'd be better off getting the 40 degree TQ and just pair that with the incubator I already have.
    As an addendum to my prior post, I have a 40f UQ too. I was thinking of versatility of just one quilt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otter1 View Post
    As an addendum to my prior post, I have a 40f UQ too. I was thinking of versatility of just one quilt.
    I'm operating under the general assumption "if I could have only one....."

    Personally, I'm in the 0-20-40 "camp" and pick/choose accordingly. And I have long and short 20deg quilts. AND I have used 0deg up to 57F (bizarre weather forecast!) and avoided overheating by venting or removing TQ. Aside from weight/volume concerns, UQ rating is not so critical regards to overheating.
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    Well, as a she hanger and someone who has lived in a cold climate my experience has been to insulate the heck out of what I am sleeping on. With my first hammock back in 2004 I used a sheep skin. Then I found Hammock Forums, I moved to my trusty USA Poncho Liner from the Vietnam era. As Hammock Forums first members evolved new innovative ways to keep the cold butt at bay I started using a UQ, I went with full length not the short version for the weight conscious.

    I now use a 0* UQ. I do live and hang mainly on the West Coast in non-arid region.

    Whatever is under me is my primary heat keeper in. I add or subtract what is on top of me and what I wear to sleep in. I have not hung in temperatures over 100*F, I have never needed to vent the UQ, I have removed the UQP due to condensation.

    Your hammock acts like a swamp cooler does, air goes under and cools things. I like the 20*F quilts but I do get cold when my respiration slows way down, the 0*F gives me a bit of extra insulation.

    In my experience the TQ is the quilt to adjust (which is easy if you are too warm, hang a foot out or both feet, leave your shoulders bare, be naked).

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