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    Trekking Treez: straps and other mods

    Wrist straps

    I made some quick and dirty wrist straps for my trekking treez, and used them on a 7-day hike through Tasmania. They worked great.


    Has anybody else made wrist straps for these? Any better designs/ideas? Adjustability would be nice, as would the slightly wider, padded straps that typically come with trekking poles.

    Double-hang spreader bar

    I used a trekking treez as a spreader bar for double-hanging with my partner. I used Dutch's Double Hammock Whoopie hook, but instead of putting the ends of the spreader bar through the second hole in the whoopie hooks, I larksheaded a loop to that second hole. At the top of the pole I unscrewed the top knob and looped the loop over the screw, and replaced the top knob. At the tip I larksheaded the loop around the plastic-covered tip at the point just before the pole becomes full-diameter. Both ends held fine, though I fear that the threads of the screw at the top will eventually wear through the loop at that end.

    Also, the rubber pole tip was necessary to prevent ripping my tarp to shreds.

    Trekking treez as a trekking pole

    These are the heaviest, sturdiest trekking poles you will likely ever use. The weight of them didn't bother me, and I found their sturdiness reassuring, especially on rough rocky descents. I only have one trekking tree(z), and often found myself using two hands to put all my weight on it when descending; something I'd be a bit nervous about with a regular lightweight trekking pole.

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    Nice report. Thank you.

    Re the wrist straps. The next batch has a softer looser weave for the strap. The design will stay the same, but with the looser weave it is possible to insert the top screw through the weave without cutting / burning a hole. Will that hole elongate with use? Not yet tested.

    I (as the designer) adjust the length of the straps often, so this is a design point we are not likely to eliminate. We could make the straps without the buckle and just make multiple holes, but that would drive me nuts trying to adjust them as often as I do.
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