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    Quote Originally Posted by OneClick View Post
    Now that is funny! Good one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jolly View Post
    One of my first hammocks was the weight weenie and I enjoyed it. I still own (and sometimes take out with me) the Nano Buginator bugnet (5oz!) with my original 1.0oz Dutch netless hammock when I want to go SUL.

    Whatís most disappointing is that while speaking with Shane some weeks ago he admitted to issues with his email, and yet after knowingly functioning in such a crippled fashion, he has done little to rectify it.

    I hate to say this but BIAS deserves to die on the vine itís on. While Shane may have multiple avenues of work outside BIAS which is time consuming for him (also admitted during my last call with him), running a business so half assed doesnít deserve any more support from the community when you consider how incredible customer support is at such companies as HG, Dutch, Dream, and Warbonnet.

    I appreciate the advice from others saying I should give the anchors some emery cloth and Dremel love, but having to spend extra money/time on finishing an otherwise unfinished item is another reason Shane has earned this new, and very unfortunate, alternate reputation.

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    True about the still excellent reputation of some of the vendors! And I will add one more: JRB. Even following the retirement of the original Jacks and handing over of the brand to be run by Dgrav, that company remains famous for excellent customer service. That is the way to leave the business, the way the Jacks did it.

    Still, all of the companies that we are discussing were famous for much the same(excellent products AND customer service), until suddenly and out of the blue, they were not. And in some cases, they did not just suffer from a lowering of rave reviews, but actually just disappeared. The first sign of trouble was when no one could get in touch with them, though you could still place orders at their web site. It is actually a bit infuriating when a company not only refuses to respond to e-mails and phone messages, but won't even put an announcement on their web site about what is going on. That is not exactly a friendly thing to do.
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    I suspect businesses go thru a cycle--they start with high hopes and lots of excitement, and eventually it becomes evident that the profit margin is razer thin, its alot of work, its taking all my time, and most of all, its really really hard to hold down a day job, keep the family running, and keep a side gig. I know things didn't get handled in a manner they should of, but...........its pretty understandable. (and my hat is off to any one who can juggle all those responsibility and do it well!- I m not that guy!)
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    BIAS provided my first real hammock an 11' WW. It was and remains a goodie. The Buganator bought 2nd hand on HF, just the same. Both great values.
    Being a cottage vendor is tough. You need to have the products and the drive and guts to take the plunge full time if it gets popular. On HF you have to go the extra step w/o even thinking to properly serve your customers. Then it has to be profitable enough to sustain all of the above. Keeping abreast of new fabrics and developments being willing to change and adjust to various markets within markets.

    I wanted to do it at one time. Really glad now I didn't try to compete with Dutch and the other worldly Smurfs, and most of the rest of our top notch vendors. Besides I like to use the gear more than I probably ever would have liked building it.

    Thanks Shane and thanks BIAS. You put my butt ina sling. I won't forget that.
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