Hey everyone. 6 years ago I was working on making hammocks gear out of my basement. I have worked hard to build a company called Dutchware developing new products for the hammock industry. It has been a daily struggle to keep pushing the envelop in materials, hardware and products. It has been my pleasure to serve this community and although there have been rough times, I would do it all over again.

It is with great pride and pleasure that Dutchware has acquired Clark Outdoors Jungle Hammock. Gary Clark has been making amazing products for 23 years such as the NX270 and The Vertex. My first exposure to Clark was when I thru'd the AT. Hammocks were not a common sight on the trail but early on someone asked for help setting up their new Clark NA270. I was a Hennessy user and was amazed at all the pockets and top cover. Right away you could tell it was built like a tank. A couple years later I was hiking in the Shenandoahs and there was a bunch of military guys all carrying NX270s. Then I got my chance to buy my first Clark. It was a Vertex and I immediately fell in love with the comfort and the amazing construction. I consider myself a person who uses light gear and the Vertex is the opposite of light, but wow was it a great hammock for camping. It is truly a two person hammock and like I said before it was built like a tank. So many of the seams are double needle flat felled seams hold this thing together with USA made 70 denier fabrics. There are pockets on the bottom that you can put the coat in there to insulate the bottom of the hammock. If you know construction gear you can't help but to be intimidated by the thought of bringing all these seams together to make a highly functional beautiful hammock.

Guys, I am so tearfully proud to be the owner of Clark Hammock company. These represent something that I am proud of, American quality. In a world that is inodiated with foreign made Amazon, Clark is a product that has taken the high road with insisting on producing their products in the USA with Domestic fabrics. These hammocks are for people who cherish durable high quality products. We have been working hard since December learning how to manufacture them. They will be made right here in Lancaster PA and it is employing 3 full time seamstresses that are dedicated to continuing the Clark quality. I thought I was very knowledgeable in constructing quality gear but I have been humbled to learn all the new techniques. These jobs could have gone overseas or if the company wasn't continued, the void could have been filled by Amazon. Instead the Clark products will continue to be offered on our site. Seriously I am overflowing with pride in being able to keep this going.