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I have noticed that backpacking has gotten more "trendy"for lack of a better word. It is hard to find places that are undisturbed. I packed some scouts in to a beautiful lake. When we're got there, someone had left bind an entire camp of junk. An old tent, wrecked boots, all kinds of trash. We packed it all out of course! That is not to mention all the trash I find in almost all fire pits. I agree that people spend too much time indoors, they just need be better stewards of the land and be taught more respect for it. I always say I can't wait till "outside" isn't trendy anymore.
I've noticed that the farther into the woods you go, the less of this you see. It's just too much work for the typical lard-azz yahoos who trash places in this manner.

That said, earlier this year I hauled out a bunch of bottles and associated trash that somebody had left near Bald Rocks shelter in Harriman State park for a long time.