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    Adding Snugpak cocoon to existing TQ and UQ

    Hello folks,

    I have been enjoying greatly my Jarbidge 3 season (20F) 3/4 under-quilt and hammock Gear econ 10F top-quilt for a while now. We occasionally camp down into the single digits though. On such trips I have added an SOL breathable bivy,or doubled up on Jarbidges, added more layers, etc. We have been comfortable but seem to bring different gear every time.

    My question: anyone out there have experience using a TQ & UQ inside Snugpak's cocoon? I do not wish to compress any of the insulation. I find the price point of the Snukpak attractive as well as it augmenting top and bottom.

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    I have the Snugpak underquilt, and the Snugpak cocoon. The Snugpak underquilt is similar to the Jarbidge, if nothing else in that they are both synthetic. Typically I use the cocoon 'stacked' with the underquilt during the winter, so I can get my temp threshold lower. The cocoon and the underquilt work well together.

    With the cocoon zipped up, it does get a little bit tight inside, especially when stacking it with another underquilt. I will sometimes use a modified Costco down throw (CDT) as a top quilt inside the cocoon, and it will work. It's not quite the same as your HG TQ, but the CDT is down, so again kind of similar.

    Bottom line: I haven't had any issues with the down being compressed with the cocoon zipped up. I think there is just enough room inside to keep the down lofted and comfy. I think using the cocoon to supplement your existing gear is just fine.

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