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    I think that I'll be looking at getting a pair of Tensa Solo Hammock Stands. They look real sweet... Thanks for your help, being a neebie it was much appreciated..

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    As I recall a pair of solos are around $160.00. They work OK with a couple of minor problems, but the Orange Screw is like Goldilocks-this is too hard, this is too soft. My screws bent and one pulled out of the ground during the first use. I saw one break on a Tensa 4 which has less pull than a solo. I now carry metal spikes from Lowes. My solo worked well at a motorcycle rally in middle Tennessee this summer. Byers of Maine has a bipod unit made of wood in the same price range but the poles do not telescope as short as Tensa. I have no knowledge of the type of fasteners they use but there is only one per end.

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    I have a Tensa4 and like it a lot, but there's no way that I would backpack with it or even a Solo. It's simply too heavy.

    If I go backpacking somewhere with no trees, I would take a tent. As much as I love hammocks (I'm a full-time hanger), there are limits. However, before I would make the decision to leave the hammock behind, I would do some serious research to see if there really are no hanging opportunities. With a little creativity and a bit of effort, it's often possible to hang. You don't necessarily need trees. Fence posts, lamp posts, playgrounds, hedges and rocks can be used as well. I have seen a picture of somebody hanging from bushes over a hollow in the ground. If you're using hiking poles, you could try this option: 1 tree + 2 Trekking Poles
    I haven't had the chance to try it, yet, but it's on my to-do list.

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