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    one wind 11' wide
    one wind 12'
    I'll add another con.
    As much as I like my UQP (I got a nice camo one) and take it everywhere, if the wind is blowing moderately hard it will inflate the UQP and pull it off the hammock/quilt assembly turning it into some kind of kite surfing thing nowhere near the water. Less when I'm in it than when I get out for a moment.

    For us wind is the norm, right up there w/ high UV destruction, and I AM going to figure out a way to prevent it pulling of the protector.

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    LowTech, On the other hand, if you are in your kayak, and the wind is from the right direction, and you can reach your UQP, You can get a real speed boost flying the “spinnaker”.

    I have something from an outfit near HoodRiver (wind surfing mecca) I tried to use on my Kayak at Elk Lake. Every time I got it up, the wind changed direction - much to the amusement of my “friends”. But for one brief 4 second moment, the wind gusted from the required direction and I could feel the surge and see a bow wake.

    If you are paddling with another person, maybe you raft together and each take an end of your UQP - a.k.a. supercharger.
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    Admittedly, 90% or maybe even 99% of my so called UQP use has been the sil-nylon under cover of the old HH Super Shelter. I never had any wind at all get up under that and with the small HH asym tarp I started with, plenty of wind got up under that tarp to the point of bouncing my hammock around during the night. But, that undercover, AKA UQP, was a snug custom fit to that hammock from the tapered head end to the tapered foot end, and even if desired, some tie outs on the side. Of course, with no tarp and Highwinds, it would become a sail if the Hammock was unoccupied. But then again, so did the hammock with or without the undercover.

    The only other UQP use I am experienced with is the, once again, custom fit Poncho/UQP made by Warbonnet for the Ridge Runner bridge Hammock. I think it actually was somewhat loose on the sides, and at least without a tarp some wind did get underneath it. Even with no tarp, it still blocked most of the wind, but a little bit got under there, I think. However, being it was attached at each of the four corners near the spreader bars, I don't think there was any chance of it becoming a sail, not unless the entire Hammock became a sail. Which does happen, of course, with an on unoccupied Hammock when I don't have a good tarp blocking the wind and/or in a sheltered spot.

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