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    UQ Insulation Help

    If you were going try to help your UQ's insulation with a Costco quilt, would you put it between the UQ and the hammock or on the outside of the UQ? I have an UQ that's rated to 40*. I wanted to use it to lower degrees.

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    Has your Costco quilt been modified to have its own UQ suspension, or is it just a basic quilt? If it has no suspension of its own, it seems the simpler thing to do would be to add the Costco quilt between the hammock and the actual UQ. If you use it between, you'll probably want to loosen the UQ's primary suspension a little bit, to avoid crushing the loft of the Costco quilt. Likewise, if you suspend the Costco quilt on the outside of the actual UQ, you should try to hang it in a way that avoids compressing the loft of either item. There's a fine line between having compression and leaving gaps, but my guess is if you can get both rigged in place without significant compression or gaps, it probably doesn't matter a great deal about which order they're stacked in.

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    I used the two pack of Costco quilts modified it into one quilt using the down from the other as overstuffing shortening a bit to 3/4 length and you have a 20 degree underquilt

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    ^^^ What CMC said

    If you already have a suspension on the costco quilt, put it on loosely the outside, as it tends to be wider and covers better.

    If you dont already have a suspension on the costco quilt, just pin it to the inside of your existing quilt.

    If you are expecting heavy rain storms or dense fog, consider putting the costco quilt on the inside, as they don't do well with moisture.

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    I usually put the secondary quilt between the hammock and the primary underquilt, because in my experience I loose most warmth due to air pockets between hammock and underquilt. If you ever have the chance to lie in a see-through Monolite hammock with an underquilt installed, you can see how big these pockets can be! Extra insulation can fill these pockets and give you a nice boost.

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    I would use the CDT outside as a quilt protector. IMHO, they don't have enough or stable enough loft to not compress between you and your primary. Try it out with safety pins and cord locks. Pin some cordage on each corner of the CDT. Use a cord lock to make an adjustable loop in the cordage over your primary quilt suspension lines so you basically have the CDT loosely floating under your primary quilt. If it doesn't work as you hoped, reverse it and put the CDT on the inside. As noted above, you will more than likely need to loosen your primary if the CDT is inside to prevent delofting it. I can tell you that just draping it in there unattached will cause gaps and you'll get CBS. My wife tried that with a marginal setup and ended up going back to the outside the next night. When she got in the hammock. I tied on the CDT with some spare cordage as needed to form fit her hang. That worked much better. In my experience, stacking underquilts is tricky to get right.

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