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    Tensa4 + Add-ons "snapshot" as of 10/18/19

    I thought I would post this in a more central location for those considering a Tensa4 purchase. After much reading and research... things I didn't pick up on, tidbits/changes to previous information learned via email exchanges with the owner and info not well documented in the website descriptions/photos.

    Kind of a, "as it arrived today" snapshot and clarifying some of the confusing/unclear bits I ran into as it related to my particular order.

    Tensa4 page:
    1. UCR option. All lines are amsteel. Ridge, base and 2 guylines.
    - The head and foot guylines are identical. The shockcord head guyline was short lived and discontinued in favor of a standard guyline (webstrap and amsteel). The recommendation is to leave the head guyline with a bit of slack.

    2. Solo Mod. Not as currently pictured. The pin and guyline are no longer part of the base mod kit. With the "omit anchors and guylines" default option I received the extension, foot and toggle loop with flatworm toggle. For a single solo, using the guylines and anchors from your tensa4, that all that's needed.
    - The "include 2 anchors and webbing guylines" option... your guess is as good as mine. I didn't select that option, but it says "webbing guylines" and the picture shows amsteel. My "guess" would be the amsteel is correct(?)

    ** UCR Guylines no longer ship with flatworm toggles and are no longer required.

    3. Tarp extensions. As pictured and described.

    4. Boomstakes. "Specially-reinforced" refers to an additional 2"'s of inner aluminum tubing on the hole end of the boom. "Very" nice! Test run on the 40cm boomstake... these things ROCK! ;-)

    Side note: Opting to go the boomstake route for my 2 solo's I went with the "omit anchors and guylines" option on the solo mod page and ordered 2 additional UCR guylines from the "a la carte" menu in the "parts" section of their website. An alternate option would have been to repurpose the Tensa4 ridge and base lines as solo guylines.

    *** My 2 solo mods, tarp extensions and 4 boomstakes all came with their own cinch storage sacks (3 total), which makes adding or subtracting components from your kit bag quick'n clean. No relation to function, but pretty "classy" and just emphasised the very obvious attention to finish detail evident throughout the kit.

    **** Tensa4, 2 solo mods, tarp extensions, 4 boomstakes (including cinch bags) + all related amsteel lines all fit neatly within the bag without any effort at all. Orange stakes.... they're being orphaned for the moment.

    ~ Cheers!
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