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    Nube here and I've got some questions.

    I've never hammocked before. I'm looking to get a hiking setup to replace my tent. I'm hopping to also be able to hammock with my spouse on occasion. I'd really like the versatility of setting up beside her sometimes, but also the ability to take my same rig and go solo. Here's what I'm thinking: DH Darien with Dutchware beetle clip. This way I can use spreader bars with my wife, or leave them behind and go solo.

    Is this practical? Am I missing something? Which asym lay combo will work best here, see attached drawings(a/b/c/d).

    Why do ppl choose continuous loop instead of woopie? Can a continuous loop be used with a woopie? Can a woopie be used with a beetle clip? Can a trekking pole be used with a beetle clip? Which tarps are good for 2 hammocks? Should I consider a different hammock altogether?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gt5228 View Post
    Why do ppl choose continuous loop instead of woopie? Can a continuous loop be used with a woopie? Can a woopie be used with a beetle clip?
    I can only, maybe, help with a few of those questions as I am currently in the process of switching my hammock over to a continuous loop. Versatility. I "could" go whoopie only, but that somewhat limits the hang options I plan to use.

    Yes, you can use a continuous with a whoopie. I'll be doing just that using dutch biners for a continuous to whoopie connector.

    I'm assuming you mean a beetle "buckle" when you say beetle "clip"?

    If that's true, then yes. You can use a beetle buckle with a whoopie, but to me, it might make more sense to go from strap to continuous loop with a beetle buckle rather than strap-beetle buckle-woopie-biner-continuous.
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    I think any of those are fine, but would say B is less optimal because you won't be as close to each other for chatting and your stinky feet will be near each other's heads. LOL

    You didn't post D where both of you have the same direction of diagonal lay and your heads are on the same end. But importantly, you might find that either or both of you have a strong preference for one diagonal lay, and that might dictate your options. For example, I'm only comfortable with head right / feet left and my wife is the same, so our options would be limited to B and D.

    A pair of Dariens would work just fine for hanging side by side. I think the same could be said of any gathered end hammocks, with the possible exception of Warbonnet Blackbirds due to their unique asymmetical shape. Keep in mind, if you do get Dariens, the zipper is only on one side, so I don't think you'd want either hammock to have the zipper on the side that's in the middle of the two side by side hammocks - that said, my proposed option "D" wouldn't work well since one hammock would have the zipper in the middle area between the two hammocks. Dariens are designed as asym hammocks, so if you don't know whether or not you have a preferred lay direction, you might want to find that out first, or consider a symmetrical hammock with zippers on both sides like the Raven.

    Continuous loops are a handy way to allow pretty much any type of suspension to be attached, from the most simple (Becket hitch, J-Bend, Lapp hitch) to the most complex. Many of those options also allow the straps to be stored separately from the hammock, which a lot of people prefer.

    Continuous loops can definitely be used with whoopies. The whoopie will attach to the continuous loop via carabiner, Dutch biner, whoopie hook, or even just lark's headed together.

    You can use a whoopie sling on the end of a Beetle Buckle, but that's giving you 2 methods of adjusting length, with is a bit redundant. More common would be to attach the hammock continuous loop directly to the Beetle Buckle, or to hang the whoopie sling from a marlinspike hitch with toggle tied in the strap. But you want to be able to use a spreader bar for a side by side hang, so the simplest options would be to get long (12'-15') straps with Beetle Buckles for both hammocks, or to get whoopie slings with Double Whoopie Hooks for both hammocks and attach the whoopie slings to shorter (4'-6') straps using the marlinspike hitch and toggle. The Beetle Buckles and the Double Whoopie Hooks both have holes for the spreader bar tips.

    I'm not sure what you meant by using a trekking pole with a Beetle Buckle. If you meant using it as a spreader bar between 2 hammocks, that might work fine, but I'd be a little skeptical.

    Tarps for 2 hammocks is an interesting question. People have been pestering Dutch for a long time about when he's going to come out with a tarp like that. Until/unless he does, your best bet would be to choose the widest tarp you can find, which would be something like 136"-140" wide. These are a couple options available in that width:
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    straps - whoopies
    One thing to remember about when your first getting into hammocking is that everyone will have a different answer and reason of what works best for them. There's pros and cons of any suspension/hammock set up out there.

    Me: I'm a whoopie, toggle and strap user. Tried different things but always go back to what works for me.

    I noticed your in Greenville. Having the opportunity to see lots of gear in action is a plus. Get out to a group hang sometime. In fact, the Gluttony Hang is coming up just north of you near Gaylord the weekend of October 24 to 27. Come on out and meet some fellow hangers and enjoy the weekend. If you need loaner gear, let us know! Welcome to the forums.
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    You sure can hang side by side.....

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    I’m setting up to double hang with my wife. I’ve changed us both over to tree straps, toggles & whooped with Dutches double whoopie hooks. I’m also using the spreader bar Dutch sells that fits into the double whoopie hooks. I’m attaching the hooks straight to the continuous loops on our hammocks. I just purchased a War Bonnet super fly tarp with the 13’ ridgeline. I’m thinking I could have done the 12 & been ok but I haven’t put both hammocks under it yet. I’ll post picks soon once I’ve set it all up.
    FYI, you can go with tree straps & beetle buckles if you don’t want to use the whoopies.
    I’m using the chameleon hammock by Dutch also with the bugnet. It unzips on either side so I’m not trying to figure out who’s hammock goes where...
    Anyway, good luck and please update on what you figure out & decide to go with.
    Sintaxx77 has a video with the Dutchware double hang setup.

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    Beetle buckles have a lower weight limit than Double Whoopie Hooks is that is a concern. I went with one set of Kevlar 8’ straps and one set of 5’ Kevlar huggers with whoopies and double hooks. Continuous loops on the hammocks. For solo use I take just the straps and use becket hitch. For tandem hang I use just one spreader bar at the head end with the whoopies either directly larks headed to the hugger loop or becket hitch. I’ve never really understood the need for Marlin spike/toggle when on the trail, when the becket is available.

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    Here is the double whoopie hook video

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    Don't know about the trees in MI, but in the OR the trees are usually large enough that you can hang both hammocks off the same tree. Instead of coming off the center of the tree, you run your suspension so the hammocks come off opposite sides of the tree. That way, they are "together" yet not linked - if one person gets out of their hammock it won't rock the other person.

    I wouldn't try to pre-ordain the lie position. First, find out what position is most comfortable - maybe different for each of you - then decide how to work that in.

    I usually put a Ring on my hammock continuous loop - which functions as a water break - then I can put any suspension I want on the ring.

    Whoopie slings have too much length overhead for me. Also, I found them more difficult to work with in rain and freezing cold. For a long time I have enjoyed the simplicity of daisy chain type suspensions like ENO's Atlas straps, Kommek Python strap, or DutchWare Spider straps and plain weave. But - just for a change - I may switch over to webbing and buckles next summer or this winter.

    If you are going to cover both hammocks with one tarp know that will be a challenge - not impossible; just a little more work. I'm not familiar with internal pole mods but you will surely want at least panel pull-outs with the external poles. Note that I am not talking about poles to put the tarp in porch mode; I'm referring to light poles that go over the top of your tarp ridge line and pull up on the panel pull-outs so it opens the tarp more than just the inverted V shape.
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    Thanks! I was at the Yankee springs hang which inspired me to get a hammock! Unfortunately, I can't have the glutton hang but am hopping to have a rig by next October.

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