In a couple of weeks I will have access to a parachute used to recover a sounding rocket. I can find lots of info on taffeta and specialty fabrics, but am having a hard time finding info on actual parachute material for making hammocks.

I am on the team that built and launched the rocket, and would really love to make a hammock out of a chute used to recover our payload. A "space hammock" ! We flew to an apogee of 210 miles. For reference, "outer space" starts at 60 miles and the ISS orbits at 254 miles.

I am on the electrical team, so I dont know the details of the chute, but can find out from our flight performance dept. Is there a specific parachute material, or specifications that are needed for use as a hammock?

Along with the actual chute, I have the lines as well (although it will take me a few days to untangle them!) I believe they are kevlar, but they looked like white 550 cord to me. I have gray amsteel on my hammock now. Anyone know if kevlar (if they are kevlar) has any benefits over amsteel? I love my whoopie slings, so this stuff would have to be phenomenal for me to give up on amsteel.

Thanks for any info/help. I'll come back with the chute specs when I get that info.