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These are all great suggestions and another reason why I love this forum!

@ cougarmeat: I will look into creating a DIY budget winter sock. Good idea without having to spend another $200 etc.

@ ahursey530 I think I'll visit Harbor Freight to get a few of those clips, some paracord and maybe figure out a way to attach my existing SOS blanket to the bottom of the hammock as a ghetto underquilt.

@ shug Definitely have watched your videos before.. it's great to see you respond here. Also love your vibes.

@ all:
1) Would I likely be warmer with with my bag set up in top quilt mode or in sleeping bag mode?
2) I really would love to see the stars at night (assuming no rain forecasted) but I'm guessing setting up my 12x10 hex tarp low to the ground and close to the hammock would be warmer, correct? I always have the tarp pitched but just in a snakeskin type bag unless it seems like I'd need it. I usually stake it all out so setup would be 1 minute.

I'll let you all know how it goes assuming I survive my 3-4 day hike into Yosemite :P.
You could do a partial pitch.......