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    An update for those who helped me and anyone else who may stumble upon this thread.

    I went with the Wanderlust. For my first foray into hammocking, I thought it best to go with a turnkey system and it's not too heavy or bulky. Speedy customer service. I spent the night out in my yard last night. It sets up easily and I was able to get flat and straight without much effort even with using a Thermarest. The pad makes it a little like surfing, trying to get it just right but I eventually found a sweet spot. Shug's video was helpful here. I also found that my neighbor has a sprinkler that turns on around 1 am and sprays over my fence!!! I went tarp-less so I could stare at the stars, so I caught a sprinkle or two. Overall a restful night and much better than the ground.

    It is odd, to me at least, climbing into a moving object to go to sleep. It's going to take some time to fully trust that it can support me and not come crashing down as I move around in it changing positions.

    I had a hard time getting the 'sit' height right and would appreciate some feedback. I twice had to adjust the carabiner in the daisy chain tree webbing when I felt the ground under my butt. I checked the webbing and it didn't look like it had slipped down the tree, so I guess there's some stretch in the material or I was way too low to begin with. I'm tall with a 32 inch inseam and getting out of the hammock, my hips were lower than my knees >> not much better than exiting a tent.

    The trees were 22 ft 8 in feet apart having measured it this morning(honestly if you asked me last night I would have said 15 feet....I'm awful at estimating distances and this is one reason why I don't hunt!). Anchors were 6.5 feet up the tree. If I understand correctly, that anchor distance would've required me to place the straps much higher up the tree. Is this correct? And do you place the sit height at the height that's right for you, or the standard 20 inches mentioned in books/online? Because 20 inches + my body is not the much more than being directly on the ground.

    So much to learn and tinker with Once I got my butt off the ground it was great to gently rock to sleep staring at the stars. Thank you to everyone who has helped my start this journey.

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    You're exactly right about the height of the strap around the tree. Check out Derek Hansen's hang calculator. To keep a 30 degree hang angle and reasonable sit height, your straps would have needed to be 8ft up. Totally doable! Use the calculator to get a rough idea of how to adjust everything. Eventually it'll be second nature. It's great to hear you were comfortable even with the sleeping pad. Also, that rocking contributes to deeper sleep! There's research to back it up.

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