Iím a couple weeks out from a backpacking elk hunt in CO using my nX-270. Iím new to this whole hammock thing. Iíve spent one night in the hammock in my yard. Although I felt fairly comfortable Iím not sure I had the hammock set up just right. I found it very difficult to zip the big screen and rain fly while I was laying in it. Is this a sign that I had the suspension too taught? I also found it difficult sleeping on a diagonal. To me the hammock seemed tight like it was curling up around me making it hard to get asymmetrical. Any tips for a beginner? Iíve seen mixed things about needing a ridge line on a Clark. Is that something I should be looking into? Mine came with the tree strap/whoopie sling suspension. I hung underneath a gazebo on posts that were about 15ft apart. Is that an ideal distance from tree to tree? All feedback is welcome.