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    Quote Originally Posted by OneClick View Post
    No kidding, stay safe! Looks to be a juicy one!
    Scratch that...going to Disney. Looks like the Carolinas are in for it now.

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    As a first year hammock camper, you guys had me trembling with trepidation for my trip this weekend! I went out anyway expecting a jam packed park. went out to a local county park that has a paddle-in campsite, set up my hammock, 4 gallons of water, food and stuff as a base camp and did 3 days of kayaking for a total of 37+ miles. I got back today and can report that I did NOT see a single person in 3 days!!! ok, sight hyperbole, there were a few fishermen at the boat ramp, but that was over a mile away, but there was no one on the hiking trails that went by the campsite. I almost got lonely!!

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    That's awesome, great to hear! I ended up skipping out on my initial plans of doing a 25mi backpacking trip and instead cleaned up the apartment vigorously, finishing my weekend with a nice whiskey & cigar on the patio. Wish I could set up my hammock, but truth be told it was one of the best weekends I've had in a really long time, it was nice not having a place to go or things to get done at a particular time, just going at my own pace. It was almost like camping, but without leaving the apartment. A very similar zen feeling that I doubt I'll be able to replicate, especially with Fall right around the corner... I've still got 40 hours of PTO I've been saving just for this season!

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