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    Oak Creek Outdoor Supply - Lost Valley Hammock Bundle

    Quick review after a trip the Adirondacks this past weekend.

    Trip report here:

    I purchased this hammock on Amazon as my first hammock, and for about $65 itís really not bad at all.

    The bundle includes the hammock with integrated bug net, tree straps (with loops and tensioners), carabiners, rain fly, stakes, guy lines, and shock cord.

    Lost Valley Camping Hammock |...

    The bundle packs into the included bag to about 12Ē x 8Ē x 4Ē and weighs in at just under 4lb.

    Itís easy to set up, but I used my own stakes and paracord as the stakes included for the rainfly were super chintzy.

    I also gave these self-tightening cams a try on the guy lines. I will not be using these again, and do not recommend them. Just stick with a tautline hitch.

    Nite Ize CamJam Cord Tightener 2...


    I was very comfortable, slept great and stayed totally dry - despite a very rainy weekend. (I did use drip lines on the tarp ridgeline and on the shockcord to the bug net)

    The quality seems good, but Iíll update this as I use it more and see how it holds up.

    The hammock is small at 9.5í but Iím only 5í6Ē so it was perfectly fine for me. Iíd say if youíre over 5í8Ē itís probably going to be a tight fit. The stuff sack is connected to the hammock, allowing you to stow a little gear like your phone and a small water bottle, and thereís also a little gear pocket on the interior where I stashed my headlight. But I wish there was a ridgeline inside the bug net that allowed me to hang some gear as well. That was really my only complaint.

    For the price, Iím extremely happy with this purchase. Iím sure as I hammock camp more in the future Iíll upgrade to something nicer, but this is really more than adequate for a good beginner setup on a budget.

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    Old thread, but I too picked up one of these as my first hammock. I had absolutely no knowledge about hanging and had a terrible night sleep my first time (not the hammock's fault). Since then, I've figured out what's what and have slept in it comfortably many times. It's quite comfy for what it is, though I do find the material a little stretchy. I'm always hanging lower by morning then when I set it up.

    I have added an amsteel continuous ridgeline and soft shackles to attach both the tarp and the bug net to which I find significantly less cumbersome to setup then all the shock cord they want you to use.
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