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    Quote Originally Posted by georgecarr View Post
    Oh grasshopper, I won't give you a beat down because you've suffered enough Wise man say give a man a quilt and he might not freeze to death, give him a LLG quilt and his wife will sleep better than him
    good one
    Hello I'm new to the forum. I'm also a new backpacker and hammock user.

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    Update-We finally got some good cold weather here in Florida this past weekend or so. My buddy and I headed to the swamp for an overnight car camping trip (due to work) to test out the quilts and a stove. I was using "The Evil Brown Monster" (zero degree overstuffed coyote brown) quilts and my buddy had his "Superman" set (red and blue set). His top quilt is a ten degree and his under quilt is a zero degree. The temp on the thermometer and local website was 26F with a wind chill of 18F. Since we were down in a holler right next to the river temps were much much lower.

    When we crawled into the hammocks it was 29F and we had both waited too long because we were both cold. The superman set had my buddy Greg sweating in those temps and he had to vent once or twice throughout the night. When I crawled into bed I was getting some cbs and my feet wouldn't warm up. I knew immediately that something was amiss. I got up, made a nature call, and came back to the quilts. I had double checked my draft collar at my head and all was well before I exited the hammock so I cinched up my draft collar at the foot end. It was the instant warmth that I was accustomed to when I returned to the hammock. Being old I made several nature calls at night and did not have to vent. We both slept very warm that night.

    This trip was the first time in almost three years that I have had to make an adjustment to the quilt but a reminder that if something isn't right to get off my duff and fix it right away. Thanks again George for such a fine product. When we awoke that morning I hollered over to Greg "Do you regret one cent of what those quilts cost?" (he was an avid cheapskate before getting into hiking gear). He sternly replied "Nope!" and laughed.

    20210215_171355 (Medium).jpg

    Greg made the mistake of opening the Dr Pepper and it immediately froze
    20210216_072725 (Medium).jpg
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    I hate when my dr Pepper freezes, lol. Glad you guys had a warm overnight.

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