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    Adding down to EE Revolt

    I purchased a 30 UQ Revolt from EE and while it is definately a great piece of gear, I feel like it does not have enough down in it (for my liking at least). I am in no way bashing EE or want to say that they did not put the appropriate amount of down in my underquilt. Just from all of my other pieces of down quilts and bags, it just leaves a little to be desired.

    So, to my point of this thread...I have some extra down that I would like to add in this UQ. Has anyone attempted this before on such a high quality piece of gear? I have overstuffed a few top quilts by ripping the threads on the ends, filling, and sewing back, but with an UQ it makes that process a bit different because of the channel for the suspension. Any help or recommendations would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I thought about adding down to a UQ and decided against the idea. For my need it was just too many chances to have a oops.

    I sold the quilt and bought a new lower rated quilt, ended up a win-win situation.

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