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    Hammock Chair Underquilt DIy

    So a buddy of mine I backpack with had this “hammock chair” and was asking me to make him an UQ for it...

    I was intrigued by the idea and for fun I took the challenge and agreed to make him my first attempt at a “hammock chair integrated UQ” - basically a wooki of sorts made specific for this use.

    I wanted to make the integrated design for dead simplicity in use and effectiveness.

    The inner shell I sewed to match the dimensions of his bright green colored hammock chair (made by Terrapin folks I think based outa SC).

    I picked the pattern of baffles thinking that the “butt area” would scrunch up a good bit do I made that 3 large squares and a few 5 inch width wise baffles above that to keep the down from falling down toward the butt.

    The outer shell I made 20% longer and wider!! I over shot it baron the idea of getting compression as I was not sure how this would behave in use under the relatively high tension and you putt smashing in at such an angle (spoiler alert, I didn’t need 20% added lol).

    Anyway, I carefully picked the places for the pleats for the baffle material and marked those spots on the inner shell with some hash marks with light pink crayon....marked the spots for the entire perimeter of the outer shell too to match up with all the pleats and to sew down then 1:1.

    Took me about 4-5 hours to make it I think...

    The end result was more loft - I knew that was a risk - the baffles were cut to 2.5 inches and 2 inches after sewn on but all the extra fabric - well - you’ll see - lofty thing!

    I need to weigh it - I used like 4.5 oz of 850fp down from Dutch I bought last year on sale...1.0 calendered stuff from RSBTR.

    I’m beyond stoked about my final result!

    Is there a warmer “chair” out there?

    I may call it “Key Lime Hot A**”

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    Maybe a little extra fabric when it's hung on the hammock, but it seems to fit the chair nicely.

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    You making any more? I would like one.

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