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    Quote Originally Posted by HoosierT View Post
    No problem! And for the record I wasn't out to prove you wrong. I was just trying to make sure you didn't end up with a less-than-sound tarp for a thru hike. Which, btw, good luck! I'm super jealous and hope it pans out for you. If you ever have any questions on gear making, don't hesitate to PM me. It's my hobby and my passion.
    No problem dude.... one of the dangers of talking through text is that other will read emotions into posts that don't exist. Like, some could have read my "are you absolutely sure", as rude to you, but that's more of the case of the reader's skew. I'm really feeling at home with DIY, as it strokes my creative side. Any input is always appreciated, even if it just allows me to see a perspective different than my own.

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    Although rain-be-gone seems (seams ) an obvious use, there are other uses for a tarp beside being waterproof. So ... if you just ask for the lightest material to make a tarp, you might get an answer that leans more to the "lightest" side and less to the "keep me dry in a downpour" side. A tarp can keep bird poo out of your mouth, pine cones off your face and a full moon or bright sun out of your eyes. It can keep wind currents from robbing your heat. Depending upon where you live and what time of year you'll be out, rain considerations could move lower on the list.

    So next time, I suggest, when asking for a fabric, mention its main/primary purpose. For example, RainProof first, lightweight second. Like HoosierT, I'm not trying to say how to live your life. It's just that when I read you asked for the lightest fabric to "make a tarp", I could see a sliver of ambiguity if waterproof wasn't emphasized as the primary job.
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    In the past if you wanted to go with cuban fiber it was cheaper to buy from somebody that mass produces than make them. Once you bought all the cleaners and tape that you needed you really where only saving a small amount of money. While i agree with you about the DIY aspect of it (every thing i own i made myself), I would leave cuban to the pros. Many will custom make a design for you as well.

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