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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    Your welcome. I was rushed at that last reply, I meant to include this pic also, for any one interested or curious. I don't think these have been available for years, but they might be. I don't know if these would be of any use other than boosting the open cell foam pad of the HH Supershelter. As they are also OCF and thus very compressible. But in that system, they come close to doubling the insulation in the place needed most. The larger pad goes from about butt to shoulders, about the same width as my body. They work great as a very light weight( 3 or 4 oz way to significantly boost that system at the most vulnerable point..
    Looks like a great idea!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    No problem, Roy! Those darn acronyms! Hennessy Hammock Super Shelter, which consists of one 2 or 3 oz space blanket right under the hammock and on top of the insulation, 1 open cell foam pad with a very light duty suspension that is shaped to more or less partly surround the user inside the hammock, at least if not using the side tie outs, and finally 1 custom fit non breathable, sil-nylon undercover with additional elastics which keep it slightly snugged up against the pad, and providing additional support for the pad to keep it against the buttocal and back area. Is also wind and water proof, unless of course the rain is coming over the top, as in this case. IOW, at least a small tarp is still required.

    The open cell foam pad compresses down very small, but is a sponge, as demonstrated here. But this is my first time getting it wet in 12 years, and at least it can be somewhat squeezed out and dries quickly. I did wet the optional small kidney/torso pads on purpose once, and they dried very quickly at room temp. But yesterday I was trying to dry them between 46-55F, with zero sunshine. So it took a few hours.
    EDIT: correction. I said this was my frst time getting it wet in 12 years, but not correct. In Sept 2007, I soaked the foot end of the pad, along with the foot end of my Polarguard bag, this ONE time. I camped in the 40s, in uber humid Olympic National Park beside the Hoh river. This happened because I did not put the space blanket on top of the pad as per directions, but left it in my pack. We were setting up by headlight at night, I was tired, and it wasn't very cold, I didn't think I would need it. And I didn't need it at all in the sense of being warm, as I slept very comfortably. I didn't notice how wet the foot end was until I went to get out of the bottom entry hammock next morning. That is the only other time I got this system wet, and it was my fault for not following the directions. However, it was also warm enough when wet (in the 40s) and also dried very quickly, as did the PG bag. The next night I put in the space blanket and slept warm and dry the rest of the trip, despite lots of rain and fog. This was one of two trips where my buddies down gear lost noticeable loft- enough to concern him- despite never getting wet from the outside, that we could tell anyway. Apparently either from condensation of vapor he was giving off, or because he was sweating without even realizing it.

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    Wow, lots more to it than I thought. Thank you all for clarifying a lot of that. Lots to learn.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    OK, you included the kidney/torso pads. That explains it. Along with my VB clothing, my low with the HH pad + kidney/torso is a toasty 6F(I,m sure my VB clothing contributed to that, I just don't know how much).

    Hey, I did not know any one else other than me and RamblinRev had managed to get some kidney/torso pads from HH! I thought they had quit making them a long time ago. I kept recommending them to folks who could never find them at HH site. I think I had to make a phone call to get mine over 10 years ago, couldn't find them either. Most folks I recommended them to never got any, couldn't find them. Congrats that you have some! Aren't they great?

    Also, glad to hear you are yet another one who has never had condensation problems. There are at least a few of us. Personally I think it is most folks who follow directions and use the space blanket. I think there are some folks who do not believe me when I say no condensation problems, so it is good to have a few others that have a similar experience. But so many have tried to get by without that space blanket( or alternatively VB clothing) and they invriably get the predicted result. Then, they are certainly not fans of this system once that happens.
    You are correct, Hennessy did stop making them a long time ago. I added velcro to the full length OCF, kdney, and torso pads, so they stay in place, and also sewed a piece of metalized fabric onto the full length OCF pad. It needed reinforcing to keep it from getting ripped when adjusting. I am a big believer in incorporating heat reflective metalized fabric into my stuff. But, that's another story. I often wonder why Hennessy stoped making those pads, and why he doesn't develop more under insulation ideas. What he does market does work very well.

    As to condensation, well......... that's hit and miss. Condensation in under layers, for me has always been slight, if at all. Top is another issue. Up here, in very cold conditions, I probably just am out in the very low humidity weather.
    Never more than one man left behind, so far !

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