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    Quote Originally Posted by Elmer003 View Post
    I'm in an ongoing fight with calf ridge on my GE hammock. I now have it minimal, but still there. I may have to call a truce and try the bridge hammock. I had never considered a bridge hammock until I read this post. It was very informative. I just checked the JRB website and videos and my Grey lock 4 will work seamlessly with this hammock. I'll probably wait for the new model to come out and try to figure out which I like better.
    Starting with the 1st one I ever heard of or tried(about 07), the original JRB BMBH( I think I got #6 off the assembly line), any and all bridge hammocks I have tries have 100% obliterated all issues with calf ridge or knee hyper-extension. That is their forte. No sweet spots, no perfect adjustments and ridge lines and foot end high enough. Simply, no calf ridge. Other pros and cons, but no calf ridge. It is history.

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    There's a lot of interesting background info in this thread, so I'm reviving it versus starting a new one. The topic is the JRB BMBH still...

    I picked up one of these on eBay a few months ago. It wasn't cheap, but a new one is apparently made of Unobtainium. I've tried the Ridgerunner and the Banyan Bridge, so I wanted to compare the Bear Mountain Bridge with those. The seller had done some serious modifications to lighten the suspension, as in totally removing the straps and rings. Instead, he put on just straight dogbones with eyelets on each end. They are larksheaded on to the hammock webbing loops at each corner.

    I haven't slept in it, just took it for a quick laydown in the backyard at 18*F. I threw a 0* Loco Libre Ridge Reaper underquilt on it so I'd be warm while I took in the view and tried it out for comfort in different positions. This one was probably a second-generation Deluxe model, as it has a non-removable bugnet and a pad pocket. Seems to be the 70d nylon for the body. It came with a set of DWG spreader bars that work like the RR bars, fitting into the dogbones.

    There is a feeling of shoulder squeeze, but it's totally comfortable depite that. I really like the fact that the bugnet has the contours of the Banyan's bugnet to give you a feeling of spaciousness within the hammock. The bugnet is just suspended directly from the 4 corners of the hammock, no extraneous lines or shock cords holding it up.

    I missed the saddlebags of the RR, who wouldn't. But I think there's enough tension on the bugnet that I could suspend a line between the tieout loops (that you use to secure the bugnet out of the way in open mode) and hang a ridgeline organizer off that for headlamp and gloves or whatnot. There are two sewn-in mesh storage pockets at either end, big enough for a phone and headlamp.

    For kicks, I weighed this setup vs my double-layer netted Ridgerunner.

    RR poles 12.8 oz
    RR DL netted in 30d nylon 17.7 oz
    Total = 30.5 oz

    BMBH poles 9.1 oz
    BMBH DL 70d(?) 23.0 oz
    Total = 32.1 oz

    Not much of a difference really.

    And from what I can see, with the suspension switched out to simple dogbones, the BMBH should work totally fine inside a Spindrift. So it's an interesting addition to my arsenal of hammocks and one I'm going to try sleeping in, as soon as nighttime temps are a little less extreme.

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