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    Quote Originally Posted by gunner76 View Post
    Not trying to start a fight, just passing on some observations to the original poster on what he or she might encounter in setting up a group hang.

    While many women and yes,,some men will not attend a hang unless their are facilities, many still do.( Yates Place Hang in the Uwharries NF does not have water and only has one pit toilet and does get a fair number of ladies attending. )

    My wife, The Terminator is one of those who will not attend a hang unless there are flush toilets and water. There are also hangers who do not attend a group hang if there is any cost to attend and or if it is too cold or too hot or have to hike in, or they can not have adult beverages ect.
    Couldn't help myself, had to jump back in.

    I think there are people (of either gender) that would go to a hang but wouldn't camp in the wilderness/backcountry. Some of those folks expect state park level facilities. Some don't. So, yes, a site with facilities might draw more folks.

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    Well, as a female who attends hangs with and without facilities, I can tell you I am not gonna go poop in the woods. And I know a few men who won't either. I have a portable potty system I use if there are no flush toilets available. Some of the male hangers would like their wives to come out and hang, but most won't rough it to go poop in the woods, so they don't come. I will tell you that the hangs I've attended that have the most females attending, also have toilets. And quite a few of those are women who have pooped in the woods. I'd also say several moms I've talked with are happier when their children have access to a toilet. Less whining at night.
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