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    CA > Cleveland NF > 4/10-14 19 SoCal Hangers 7th Annual April Fools Hang

    Hoo-Dee-Hoo you hanging fools! The time for planning has arrived!

    Mark your calendars for April 10-14th, 2019

    Seven years? Really? When we started there hadnt been much in the line of group hangs in Southern California so about 12 of us met up at a first-come/first-served campground with very little idea as to how things would go. Since then we have moved to our own reserved group camp sites, had some great potlucks, planned activities, held raffles, and most importantly: met a lot of great people. Weve been averaging about 50 attendees a year. As per the fire department, campgrounds were spared from the destruction of The Holy Jim Fire last month.

    I have decided to change the month to April because on average 95% of the rain we get in the area is in March. It will be a bit warmer but much more likely to be a lot drier.

    This year we will be doing potlucks on Friday and Saturday Nights. Thats right, TWO, count em TWO potlucks. Weve done it this way before and it ends up that there is far less food waste and everybody gets a chance to try all of the dishes. You would only need to bring a community dish of some sort for one night. Just be sure you make a lot of it.

    Because my family is going to be going through some personal medical issues for the next several months I am electing to forgo the raffle for the 2019 hang. Nothing terminal or particularly scary, just some things that will take a lot of time and effort. I dont want to commit to the raffle and not be able to provide the adequate promotion of the vendors that have so graciously supported us in the past. My hope is that it returns next year

    There will be activities such as hiking, games and a clinic or two.

    We have reserved sites for Wednesday through Sunday thanks to Pedro and overage from last years fees. I'd like to get him paid back as soon as possible so if you are planning on attending please pay for your admission when you can. Payment details are below.

    Most updates and conversation happens in the SoCal Hangers Facebook Group. But HF is our original home and Ill post updates in both places. The great news about the Facebook Group is that Ive been able to pull lots of hangers that are not part of the HF community. We have 180+ members and Id guess a third of them are not on HF!

    If you have a hammock stand, please bring it. We havent had to use them yet but Id rather have them and not need them than the other way around.

    Falcon Group campground is off the Ortega Highway in the mountains just west of Lake Elsinore. The campground is removed from the city, and is close enough to civilization in case we need supplies. There is water (non-potable) and vault toilets present.

    On the off chance we run out of parking spaces we can park just outside of the entrance with a wilderness pass available at the small store just before you turn off of The Ortega Highway (74). Ill grab a few extra Wilderness Passes for any vehicles that need to be kept at the entrance. If we run out of trees we can use the adjacent Blue Jay Campground for overflow but I think if were all willing to make it work and spread out we will be fine. Trees at the group site are first-come, first-served.


    Please confirm if you are going below. As we get closer I will be posting updated lists of attendees.

    Please send your fees via PayPal to:

    Make sure to include your name and you HammockForums User Name if you have one. We covered the site up front so any help in this regard is appreciated. If you dont pay in advance, please remember to bring cash with you! Either way, confirm below.

    Cost is $30 per adult ($15 per 17 and under)
    This cost is the same whether you stay one night or three. Think of it as a Cost of Admission
    Any overage will go towards reserving the site for next year so we dont have to go so deep out of pocket for it.

    As we get closer to the event I will post more information (directions, what to bring, etc...)

    Let's get them sheets up in the trees!
    Mr T.JPG

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    Looking forward to it... Hope the medical issues work themselves out.

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    I'm in, dollars sent. Looking forward to another great hang.
    Livin Large ~ Horizontally

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