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    Collegiate Peaks Loop - Hammock Friendly?

    Anybody do this loop without going to ground? From the YouTube videos it looks like you can camp below tree-line every night. Just trying to confirm.

    I read the post, which talks about the Collegiate Peaks West portion, which says:

    "I did the Collegiate West alternate much of which is above timberline, but there were trees near the trail in Mineral Basin. The other area is between Lake City and Silverton. This stretch has a 32 mile section above timberline. About 18 miles into this segment from Cold Creek Pass, Google Earth shows a few trees near the trail in a mining district which turn out to be ok for hanging. From there until you drop into the Elk Creek drainage, about 22 miles, you are out of luck unless you drop down off trail."
    You can hammock the whole thing, at least at this point, but you will have to work hard in some areas to find suitable trees."

    So the question can be narrowed to the Collegiate East portion.

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