Whats up fellow hangers?!
So I'll be trying my hand at the legendary Maroon Bells Four Pass Loop in two weeks. Since we come from a negative sea level, we'll be taking our sweet time and trying for 4-5 nights. Lots of relaxing, and fishing. However, curiosity abounds. I've watched a good few videos about hangers on the trail. But have any of you had any experience on that trail in a hammock? Are there sufficient camp sites with trees for two hangers? I anticipate taking the Lake Geneva trail to help fill in the time. It looks like there's enough trees. Just thought I'd consult the great hammocking community.
Side note, has anyone camped at Difficult campground? If so, any reccs on which sites are good? maybe a view. A few trees.
Anyone familiar with weather conditions? I've been following the weather closely. I'm not concerned about storms. Been there. How's the wind? I'm thinking about speed ordering an underquilt protector. I had some issues in Yellowstone with rain forming a bit of a mist, and some ground splash. My underquilt got wet and made for a bad time. Especially because the 14 hours of rain converted to snow.
In conclusion, anyone that has had any experience on the Four Pass Loop, please share.
Thanks Y'all!