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    DD Tarp 4.5 x 3 meters

    Hey does anybody else have a DD tarp? I have many tarps including a Superfly, Chill Gorilla, small 10x10 silpoly and now a DD 4.5x3 huge tarp. I mean huge. Although on the heavy side I believe this is going to be my go to tarp. I had my rig set up in the back yard and with the tarp set so it has doors on both ends this thing covers my 11 ft dream hammock AND the carabiners/water break. It has stormed for two days with high winds and the hammock has remained bone dry. The doors also offer privacy which is nice considering I have two daughters that also hammock with me.

    Love my other tarps but this thing is great as long as you don't mind the extra weight. I don't have a scale but I would say this weighs double what my Superfly weighs.
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    Hi Dave, I've had my XL for several years and although I don't use it much, it is a great tarp if you're facing miserable weather. On the last trip I used it on, most of the time I used it folded in half (3x2.25) to provide more of a view out from my hammock. I've also used it for general bivvying with it providing lots of room for two people to sleep under. I'm off for a 3 week overlanding trip soon and my XL tarp will be accompanying me for sun protection.


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    I’ve had the DD XL for several years, extremely versatile with the size and all the tie outs. I don’t use it often because it’s 2.2LBS but it’s great for hanging 2 chameleons side by side, can even close 1 side (wind side) doors while having 2 hammocks under it.
    Just noticed this week they now make this tarp in super light bringing it down to 1.5LBS, more expensive of course.

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